Venturing Into Darkness

If we want to live in the light we have to face the darkness. It’s the only way for us to find happiness and acceptance of ourselves and our lives.

Venturing, willingly, into the dark places our bodies and souls hold onto is hard but it is the one thing that can free you like nothing else. It releases our fears and any blocked energies we are holding in our body from past trauma. It will leave you with a fresh and vibrant energy that will attract more of the things you desire into your life.

As with anything in life the first thing we have to do is set the intention for what we want to clear. Usually I’ve found that this is enough to start the ball rolling. As soon as the intention is set things just start to magically appear in my life. Situations, people – new or from my past – who trigger things in me that need to be healed. Things that are holding me back.

And this is part that requires us to be strong. We cannot set the intention to release things, then when the Universe send us what we need just turn away and ignore it. We have to find the strength to face these things head on.

There are literally thousands of ways that something might show up for you,

  • A song on the radio that brings up painful memories
  • A comment from a friend or family member meant as a joke, but actually cuts deep
  • An invite to an event that someone who hurt you will also be attending
  • An offer of help that your fear would previously have had you say no to
  • A personal financial crisis that makes you face up to your fears about money
  • Illness for you or someone close

Whatever shows up for you is what the Universe knows is the quickest and easiest way for you to heal. If you don’t take what is being offered it doesn’t mean life will just let you carry on without dealing with and facing your shadows. It will just send more opportunities your way, ones that are usually harder to work through. If your soul needs to learn something the Universe will always find a way.

The key to releasing our fears and lighting up the dark places is to remember they are not there to hurt us. They were placed there as a way of protecting us, but instead they just numbed us. They are there because of the life situations we have been through. We have to be gentle and love them it the light. They can only cause you discomfort and pain if you let them.

Let them help you instead. Look at them and decide whether you really believe what the darkness tell you? See the fears for what they are, lies. Analyse how they have held you back, kept you from your joy. They cannot harm you, they are there to be used as a learning tool, something to help you grow.

When we realise nothing can hurt us or hold us back, that it isn’t our shadows or fears that are the problem, only our reaction to them, then we can find the happiness and love that we were born to always feel, everyday. 


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