Inspiring Me This Week – 2

This lovely week is coming to end. I’m always amazed by how quickly life can change and it’s happened in our house this week with the arrival of our gorgeous little new puppy, Bear. If you’d have asked me about getting a new puppy this time last week I’d have said you were mad. We lost our little 8 year old dog Oscar a few months ago and I didn’t want another dog, I was too heartbroken. I found lots of excuses why we shouldn’t get another, but when my husband sent me a picture of Bear, an 8 week old Yorkshire Terrier, I just couldn’t resist. He is adorable and cheeky and I’m so happy he is ours! I’d said to my Mum a few weeks ago when talking about Oscar that no one loves you like a dog and it’s so true, so it’s nice to have that in our lives again!

I mean…… How was I supposed to resist that face?
Loving this podcast from Hay House Radio. I love Kyle Gray and here he is talking to Lisa Lister (who’s new book Witch I can’t wait to read). They are talking about angels and witches and how they are connected. I can’t get enough of either subject so this was a half hour that I didn’t want to end! If you don’t subscribe sign up to the newsletter, there are so many inspiring things to discover.

If you ever feel that you’ll never accomplish all you know your capable of due to your age you need to watch this from Marie Forleo……. it will leave you feeling empowered!

Mind Body Green has had me thinking about what balms and oils I’ll be creating to take on my next flight with this article,  These High-Vibe Essentials Can Make Any Flight Downright Magical   & I’ll definitely be heading into the kitchen to make these, These Baked Sweet Potato Fries Have A Genius Gut-Healing Secret Ingredient   I LOVE sweet potato…. if I could just eat that with some chilli mayo every day for the rest of my life I’d be a happy girl!

I’ve already told you how I head over to Rebelle Society every morning to start my day off so imagine my excitement when they published my post, Happiness Means Being Seen    Spent the whole week feeling very proud of myself!

Hope everyone has an inspiring and blessed week!



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