Don’t Stay In The Dark

Don’t you love those days when everything just seems so perfect. All day long everything just seems to flow along perfectly. You are feeling happy, your hair did what it’s supposed to, your makeup is on point and even the children are behaving like angels.

These days do sometimes happen but they aren’t happening all too often to be honest. Usually for me it’s the hair and the children that are misbehaving but I can take that and still say honestly that I’ve had a fantastic day.

But then there are the other days. The ones where you wake up and wish you could just go straight back to sleep. You haven’t even gotten out of bed and nothing has had chance to go wrong but you can feel already that’s it’s one of ‘those’ days.

On days like this it’s so easy to let yourself spend the rest of the day looking at everything from this skewed viewpoint. You’ll put your clothes on and they won’t look right, the phone rings non stop at work and you feel you can’t even catch your breath never mind a coffee break. You get stuck in traffic on your way home and then realise you have nothing in the fridge for dinner.

I’ve been there, I’ve spent days feeling there’s a knot in my stomach and I’m just waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

When I was living my life on autopilot I had plenty of these days but I’ve found that the more consistent I am on focusing on all the positivity in my life the fewer days like this I have.

I have to be hyper vigilant on the days when I wake up feeling ‘meh’. I have to watch my thoughts and concentrate on not letting them run away on a trail of ‘why me’s’ and ‘oh no’s’. I have to slow down, mentally and physically . I’ll meditate more and take things off my To Do list that can wait till another day. I try to remember to come back to my breath and breathe deeply to ground myself and I’ll have an uplifting crystal either in my hand or in my bra!

It’s all about self-care.

If your best friend was feeling shit about themselves what would you do? What would you say? You wouldn’t agree that she looks fat and needs to loose a few pounds would you? You wouldn’t nod when she says she’s ugly and will never find a man to love her. Yet these are the things we tell ourselves all the time.

We need to start being our own best friend. We should first and foremost be our own biggest cheerleader.

Try thinking nice thoughts about yourself. Tell yourself regularly how wonderful you are. Look in the mirror and ignore the hair that won’t do what you want and instead look how beautiful your eyes are. Forget the outfit that doesn’t make you feel your best and put on something that makes you feel like a Goddess. Throw on an amazing necklace and  put your feet into a fabulous pair of shoes.

If your not feeling the love, just stop and look around you. The sun rose this morning so you can live your life. So we can all live. It didn’t decide you ate too much cake yesterday so it wouldn’t bother to come up. This whole Universe loves us unconditionally, it’s us who keep the love from ourselves.

Next time your having ‘one of those days’ go easy on yourself. Take notice of all the things that are working out for you, not the things that aren’t. If you want to hide away and eat chocolate all day do it, but don’t do it and then feel guilty about it. Just know it was what you needed to do today. If you know going for a run makes you feel better, go and run. Do whatever you need to do to help you feel ok again. Whatever it takes for you to get into bed at night and think ‘today was still a good day’ go and do it.

We all have these days, they are normal. It’s how we deal with them that’s important. Find a way to reframe them in your mind, don’t let a bad morning turn into a bad day. Every second is a chance to start over, you can turn it around at any point in your day, don’t forget that next time you wake up with that feeling in your stomach! 




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