Seeing Life As The Journey

We are taught to see life as a series of destinations. Even as children we hunger to be at our next ‘destination’, becoming a teenager, leaving school, earning a degree, getting a job, meeting our soul mate, becoming a parent, the list is endless, telling us what our lives should look like at any given age.

Before we meet each milestone we wait for it impatiently, believing that when it arrives we will somehow be changed, we’ll be more satisfied. We think we will be in some way better than before.

We have been fed a lie.

As we pass each of these junctures we just become focused on the next. We haven’t become magically changed by our achievement, we are still the same person inside. We are just craving a new want. We don’t know how to sit happily were we are.

We don’t need to mark our time here in this world by what we’ve achieved, by when. We aren’t born with a checklist that must be ticked off one after another. We are here to experience. We are here to live.

This journey for each of us is a long road paved out for us. We cannot see in front of us though, we can only see the path by looking down or looking behind. We know where we have been and we know where we are. The road ahead is foggy. If we put our hand out we can’t see it clearly. We don’t know what way the road up ahead is turning, we don’t know what obstacles we’ll encounter. We don’t have a clue about the other paths that are intersected with our own. We should be excited by that. I can’t understand why we want to put checkpoints on invisible roads.

Life isn’t about accomplishing someone else idea of what success is.

Life is about enjoying each and every step along the path. It’s about enjoying exactly where you are today without worrying about what lies ahead.

We can’t see the future for a reason. We are not meant to know.

What joy is to be found in something that hasn’t happened or might never happen?

Isn’t it better to have your breath taken away by the beauty of now? To look around you and count your blessing with wonder, free of thoughts of what’s to come.

Don’t diminish this moment right now by comparing it to something you hope is going to be on your path in the future. Right here, right now is perfect. It is where you are meant to be, you could not be anywhere else. Remember that.

This is the journey of your life.

What if it ended abruptly tomorrow? All those hours spent thinking about things to come, they were wasted.

Would that time not have been better spent appreciating all the wonderful things and circumstances we are surrounded by?

When we live this way there can be no regrets, no thinking about what should or could have been. Everything we have done brought us to this perfect point right now. We are living a life that brings us joy everyday, not working for our joy to be given to us at some far off date.

Our destination isn’t for us to decide, it’s already decided for every human. We are all walking the road home, but it’s up to you to make the trip there a magnificent one.



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