Inspiring Me This Week – 1

It’s been a busy week but has finished with a lovely relaxed weekend full of sunshine. Ending this week feeling blessed and happy.

I don’t watch any form of regular TV. I might binge watch a series but I spend the majority of my spare time browsing blogs, websites and books that inspire me to live a life that’s authentic to me, as well as doing my own writing!

Here’s a list of some of things I’ve loved this week.

I have never heard of Bo Eason before, but he is officially my new favourite person! This talk from Mindvalley A-Fest is nearly an hour long but I promise once you start watching you won’t be able to turn off, he’s brilliant!

I listen to lot’s of podcasts on the drive to and from work, and Modern Love is definitely one of my favourites. Essays on ‘love, loss and redemption’ written by people about their true life experiences and published in a regular column in The New York Times, retold and recorded by various famous people.

This had me in tears, I just found so much truth in the first essay about marriage.

A little late to the party but if like me you didn’t catch Stranger Things when it first came on, you need to watch it….. immediately! I binge watched in 3 nights and now I can’t wait for Halloween and Season 2! Only available on Netflix

And finally, my morning inspiration, every single day…… I can’t do mornings without a coffee and a read through new posts on Rebelle Society

Here are my favourites from this week, hope you enjoy.

You Are a Risk Worth Taking.

Why We’re Stuck in Little Girl Energy.

Skin in the Game: Evolving the Notion of Enlightened Sage.





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