Winter Healing

We’ve been battling the winter bugs here recently, first of all my little girl, then my son, and finally me!

Our essential oils have been working overtime, especially my thieves oil. If I were to take an oil to a desert island this would be the one. Not only does it smell delicious, it see’s off winter colds and flu so quickly they don’t even get time to set in. I’m going to tell you how I’ve been using them during our sick period and also give you the recipe I use to make my own thieves oil.


My daughter got sick very quickly and it lasted exactly 48 hours. She went to school fine in the morning and we were rung up at 1.30 to go and collect her. She had a high temp and felt sick. She didn’t move out of bed for 2 days, and although she wasn’t sick once, she felt constantly nauseous. Normally anything to do with stomach, pains, cramps, sickness, and I would use ginger oil, a couple of drops in a squirt of almond oil, and everything is back to normal within a half hour. But I can’t lie, it smells vile. Another alternative is anise oil, results are nearly as good and the smell is much better for most people, but not for my girl. She detests ginger and anise, and a nine year old can’t make the decision that something she doesn’t like will make her feel better so it’s better to do it. She won’t. End of. So another alternative then. Peppermint oil. Got to say it wasn’t a miracle cure, but it helped. I put a couple of drops into some coconut oil and rubbed it onto her tummy and after a while she settled and felt much less sickly. I did this every 4 hours or so, at the same time as her Calpol. Because lets be realistic, going natural is great till your babies get raging temperatures and then you’ll do anything to bring it down, so we do both, natural and medicinal.

As any Mum knows, when your child’s not well they want cuddles, you want to sooth them, but you don’t want the germs. This is where the thieves oil does a brilliant job. It’s antibacterial so diffusing it through the room purifies the air, keeping the rest of the family germ free. I had the oil burner on nearly constantly. I also put it on all of our feet. One drop rubbed into the bottom of each big toe. Why there? The bottom of the feet have the biggest pores on the body and when essential oils are applied topically within 20 minutes every single cell in the body will have been affected with the essential oil molecules.

Thieves oil is immune boosting and so will help protect us from catching those winter bugs, it’s also uplifting and energising thanks to the lemon and rosemary oils in it.

She was recovered in 48 hours and all back to normal, then that night, typically my son was sick. Everywhere!! Again same oils, and he was better within the day, he always gets over things quickly, hopefully that continues for him forever!

When I started to feel unwell I wasn’t nauseous, just a high temp and my throat felt like I was swallowing glass. I just carried on with the oil on my feet and also started to rub a few drops directly onto my throat and glands. It gave immediate relief and after 3 days I’m totally over it. I can’t honestly say I’ve been ill. I knew I had something, but by listening to my body, slowing down and looking after myself with oils, juices, smoothies and good food it seems like it never actually took hold. It’s amazing because in past years I’d have been taking lots of over the counter drugs and carrying on being busy, eventually feeling so bad I would have to take to bed for a few days to get over it. Now I know better, I’m so thankful for this journey of natural healing, of learning how to holistically look after my family and I.

If you fancy making this miracle oil here is the recipe I use, and some of the other uses I have for it.







Mix all the above into a 10 ml amber dropper bottle and use as required.

Other ways to use this are for cleaning. I use the above blend, dispersed in a small amount of vodka, put into a 200 ml spray bottle and filled up with filtered water. I use this to clean the bathroom and it leaves it sparkling and smelling divine as well as sanitising all the air in the bathroom.

It can be used neat as spot treatment, used on gums to relieve toothache, put a few drops on a damp cloth and throw it in the dryer with your clothes for a natural chemical free dryer sheet and if you love the smell as much as me you can even use it as an air freshener.

There are so many uses for this. Pinterest is obviously brilliant for finding new uses.

If you try this recipe leave a comment and let me know how you get on with it. I hope you love it as much as I do, I think of it as liquid gold!

With love and light,



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