Crystals in the Home

When I talk to people about crystals about how they have supported and helped improve my life they always ask how I use them. It’s a long answer to give them, I wear them in jewellery, I do crystal meditations, I carry them, the list goes on. But one of the easiest ways to use crystals, especially if your new to working with them, is to use them in the home.

I’m going to start a little series with help and tips on how bring crystal healing into the home, detailing how to use them, the best crystals for different rooms etc, concentrating on one room at a time.


We’re going to start in the bathroom. I now that sounds like a strange choice but actually it’s one of the easiest rooms to start using gemstones and crystals in. The bathroom is the place we cleanse, clean and purge, it’s used every single day by everyone in the house and so having crystals where they are seen and can be used frequently makes sense.

Any crystals used in here should be as large as is practical ( as it’s usually the smallest room in the home ) so it’s good to introduce crystals that are practical as well as beautiful like massage wands or crystal eggs. These can be used in a body massage that will increase the flow of chi in the body.

Bathrooms are where we do most of our self care. We wash away the dirt and grime of the day, we refresh our bodies and auras, and so it’s easy to add more self care and love to the rituals we already do in this room. Make the bathroom your sanctuary at the end of the day with the following practices.

Crystal Massage 

Using a smooth crystal, massage wand or stone, crystal egg or large palmstones in any of the crystals listed below (or one in your favourite stone) you are going to massage yourself gently while taking care to slow down and notice the sensations on your skin and in your body.

It is common to massage as you would do a body brush. Starting at the heart, stroke your crystal outwards, moving down the legs, then the arms and up towards the head. When the full body is done, reverse the action and stroke your crystal over our body towards the heart.

As your massaging your body imagine a bright white light of energy flowing through the crystal directly into your body bringing it’s healing energies to every part of you.

Focus on how the crystal feels against your skin. Is it cool or warm? Notice how smoothly it runs across the skin, relaxing the muscles underneath.

When you’ve finished try not to do anything too stimulating. It’s a lovely ritual to do just before bed. It’s going to leave you feeling so calm and peaceful you’ll want to stay in this headspace for as long as possible. Keep noise to a minimum and relax as much as possible afterwards, enjoying the connection it gives you to your inner self.

Crystal Bath


Run a lovely warm bath, light a relaxing scented candle, anything with lavender is perfect.

Salt is a crystal, so just adding these to the bath gives you a crystal bath, but I always like to  throw in some tumbled stones too, whatever I’m drawn to that day, or one that helps with something I’m working on at the time, ( always check the gemstone won’t be damaged by water – google is your best friend for this ) If your unsure you can also place them around the bath, you’ll still get all the sparkly energies!

Soak for as long as you want, relax and enjoy all the crystal benefits you’ll be receiving.

Again, if possible, don’t do anything too stimulating. I find it’s a really good time to meditate because my head feels all warm and fuzzy so it’s really easy to switch off my brain and meditate on my breathing.

Crystal Choices

The bathroom represents the water element and the colours black and blue. The following crystals all work well for the bathroom.

Sodalite | Promotes peace and harmony

Blue Lace Agate | Calms and de-stresses

Lapis Lazuli | Powerfully protective and loving energies

Smokey Quartz | Joyful and grounding stone

Angelite | Balances energies and brings inner peace

Iolite | Increases intuition

Azurite | Calms anxiety and lifts the spirit

Blue Tigers Eye | Enhances self confidence and a positive attitude

Black Obsidian | Protective stone that absorbs negative energies

But remember to be guided by your own intuition. If a crystal doesn’t feel right for you, no matter what it’s for, don’t buy it. It’s not meant for you. You’ll know when you touch a crystal if it’s for you, it will resonate with you and you’ll just know it’s meant to be.

If your new to gemstone healing these tips will help ease you into it. It can be a minefield and you can come across lot’s of do’s and don’ts, but I always just go off my gut feelings when it comes to the stones, using what feels right at that time.

Wishing you all a blessed week,

With love and light,



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