Rituals For a New Week

I love Sunday evenings, there’s a quiet peacefulness to it, a slowing down before the rush of a new week, the knowledge that a new week when anything can happen is about to start.

I have an evening ritual that I do every night, but I have one specifically for Sunday that feels extra special and helps to start my week off on the right note.

By mid afternoon you’ll find me slowing down, nothing too loud going on. By the time the suns going down I’ll be make-up free, scrubbed clean and comfiest clothes on. The softest woollen lounge pants, loose cotton top,anything that feels soft and lovely against the skin.

I tend to meditate early evening on a Sunday rather than later. I will do a longer than usual crystal meditation. It’s particularly nice to do a chakra cleansing one, leaving me feeling balanced. Straight after my meditation I pull my angel cards for an overall week view. I have a set that I only use once a week, I pull 3, read them and like to place them out on my (windowsill) alter and take a few minutes to let the meanings sink in.

I try to stay off the phone, calls and social media, not always easy! I do find I feel so much better and sleep better the earlier the phone is put away though.

6tag-18333024-1071237231616673661_18333024Although I self care every night, without fail, Sunday nights I take extra care to be more present and grounded. No distractions while I’m going through my routine. Concentrating on feeling how the body lotion feels on my legs, how the oils I’m putting on my face smell, trying to really mindful about everything I do. I make all my own lotions and beauty oils, nothing super complicated, but all pure and only natural ingredients, no chemicals, so it all feels really luxurious.

Lastly I put my lavender sleep oil on the bottom of my feet, and maybe a couple of drops of thieves oil at this time of year. It’s antibacterial and helps keep colds at bay like nothing I’ve ever known before, and then it’s time to write my gratitude diary before sleep. Saying thanks for everything I have has made my life open up in so many ways, it makes you take notice and feel thankful for the smallest of things.

I’m the biggest advocate of looking after and loving yourself. We as women tend to put everything else first, children, husbands and partners, work, and we seem to treat ourselves as an afterthought. Our own self care should be first on the To Do list, even more so at the start of the week.

Make up your own Sunday night ritual, try to carry some of it through the week with you, I promise it’ll be worth it. When we don’t look after ourselves, it’s so much more difficult to look after everyone else.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and love filled week,



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