New Moon, New Beginnings.


This new moon in Libra seems to me the perfect time to start writing. I’ve been reading about stopping procrastinating and just do what you want to do, I’ve meditated on it, I’ve sent my wishes into the universe and yet it always comes back to one thing. You’ve got to actually start. And that’s the most difficult part, the first step. It always seems too big, too much. But that’s where you find the joy, in doing the difficult.

I’ve been on such a journey this last 18 months, learning, discovering, doing and being. It’s bringing me back to me, the me I always knew was still there, the one who believes in magic and miracles, the one who always knew that whatever she wanted would be drawn to her, the one who knew that what came to her was ultimately what she needed, whether she acknowledged it or not.

This journey started by accident, and yet it’s become so deliberate. Looking for peace inside, that feeling of joy, knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, happiness. Because ultimately that’s what we are all searching for.

So this blog is going to be about exactly that. My happiness. How I’ve re-discovered it, the tools I’ve found to cultivate it, what I do when I’m just not feeling it, it’s usually the moons fault 😉

This blog won’t be for everyone, there will be crystals, rituals, moon phases, natural healing and essential oils, and lot’s of real life thrown in too. Real life because it’s great to hear about alternative and natural healing tools, but if they don’t fit into real life then they’re just a bit useless really.

I’m a big believer that what you need will find you and I hope you find something in my ramblings that might just change something inside you.

With love, Natalie



  1. I can really relate to the “bringing me back to me” part – long story😉looking forward to reading your posts my dear!


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