Inspiring Me This Week – 3

It’s been such a busy few weeks. We’ve been puppy training, held a 60th party for my beautiful Mum, and managed a long weekend away, literally switching off as the phone and 4G signal was so bad and the wifi was so slow I wanted to scream. But actually it was exactly what I needed, it’s true that the Universe always brings you what you need, not always what you want!

Here’s a few of the things that I’ve been loving these past few weeks.

I’ve gotten back into the routine of lighting incense, putting specific intentions or thanks into them when I light them, every morning and night and these are the sticks I’ve been using. I don’t know why I’ve never used this brand before, but I won’t be stopping now. They smell amazing, each scent different from another which isn’t always the case. My favourite at the moment is Budda’s Blessing and I’ve just ordered a ton more including the popular Super Hit, so I can’t wait for those to arrive. If you’ve never used incense before here’s a great article on why you should be using it. 12 Reasons To Use Incense

Love this quick guide to happiness for various areas of life….. lets face it, who doesn’t want more happiness in their life? How To (Quickly) Become Happier In 10 Aspects Of Your Life

This Mind Body Green article will make you appreciate your phone for all the good it brings rather than blaming all that’s wrong with the world on technology. How To Use Your Phone As A Tool To Manifest Abundance

Since reading this I’ve been getting barefoot on the patio, while training the pup to wee outside obvs! Can Walking Barefoot Heal Your Heart?

And, so excited about this…… I’ve had 2 more articles published on my favourite site Rebelle Society



Inspiring Me This Week – 3

Venturing Into Darkness

If we want to live in the light we have to face the darkness. It’s the only way for us to find happiness and acceptance of ourselves and our lives.

Venturing, willingly, into the dark places our bodies and souls hold onto is hard but it is the one thing that can free you like nothing else. It releases our fears and any blocked energies we are holding in our body from past trauma. It will leave you with a fresh and vibrant energy that will attract more of the things you desire into your life.

As with anything in life the first thing we have to do is set the intention for what we want to clear. Usually I’ve found that this is enough to start the ball rolling. As soon as the intention is set things just start to magically appear in my life. Situations, people – new or from my past – who trigger things in me that need to be healed. Things that are holding me back.

And this is part that requires us to be strong. We cannot set the intention to release things, then when the Universe send us what we need just turn away and ignore it. We have to find the strength to face these things head on.

There are literally thousands of ways that something might show up for you,

  • A song on the radio that brings up painful memories
  • A comment from a friend or family member meant as a joke, but actually cuts deep
  • An invite to an event that someone who hurt you will also be attending
  • An offer of help that your fear would previously have had you say no to
  • A personal financial crisis that makes you face up to your fears about money
  • Illness for you or someone close

Whatever shows up for you is what the Universe knows is the quickest and easiest way for you to heal. If you don’t take what is being offered it doesn’t mean life will just let you carry on without dealing with and facing your shadows. It will just send more opportunities your way, ones that are usually harder to work through. If your soul needs to learn something the Universe will always find a way.

The key to releasing our fears and lighting up the dark places is to remember they are not there to hurt us. They were placed there as a way of protecting us, but instead they just numbed us. They are there because of the life situations we have been through. We have to be gentle and love them it the light. They can only cause you discomfort and pain if you let them.

Let them help you instead. Look at them and decide whether you really believe what the darkness tell you? See the fears for what they are, lies. Analyse how they have held you back, kept you from your joy. They cannot harm you, they are there to be used as a learning tool, something to help you grow.

When we realise nothing can hurt us or hold us back, that it isn’t our shadows or fears that are the problem, only our reaction to them, then we can find the happiness and love that we were born to always feel, everyday. 

Venturing Into Darkness

Recognising The Good

You can’t appreciate the good if you’ve never been through the bad.

A small statement but it can throw a whole new perspective on life.

It came into focus for me recently talking to a mum who had watched her adult daughter  go through a really tough time a couple of years ago. Her daughters life has completely turned around now and she is so happy. Her Mum told me how good it felt to see how far she’s come and that it was so sad that she’d had to go through what she did. I replied that if she hadn’t gone through what she did she might not appreciate all she has now and as I said it I realised how true this is for me too.

All the amazing things I have in my life, and I don’t mean the material things, I mean my Husband, my children, the amount of time we spend laughing together, all the love we share, I value all of these things that much more because I have lived without them.

Growing up in home which contained just my Mum and I – my Mum btw who did an amazing job of raising me, giving me everything I needed and wanted as well as showering me with love – makes me cherish what I have created, my little family filled with love and support. Seeing how hard it was for my Mum to handle me on her own makes me appreciate having someone to lean on, someone to share the good and the not so good days with.

If I’d have grown up in a home like I have now I wouldn’t know how hard it can be on your own, I wouldn’t know how lonely it can be to have no other adult to share the burden with. If I didn’t know these things when things got tough would I be tempted to just leave? Take the children, go and create a new life without much thought about what I’d be leaving behind or what our children would miss out on? I’m willing to guess that I’d give it more than a second thought.

If I didn’t have an ex that I couldn’t trust, who put other people and things before me, would I be so thankful for a Husband who’s adored me since the day we met? Someone who always puts me and our children first and loves and cares for us like we are the most important people on the planet? I know for a fact I wouldn’t.

There have been so many times in my life when I didn’t know how I’d pay my bills from one month to the next, if I hadn’t experienced this how would I know how good it feels not to have to worry about them? How could I feel the luxury of knowing we can afford all our bills, keep a fridge full of delicious food and not wonder if we will have enough money to cover everything this month.

If there hadn’t been any sadness in my life, days where I’ve laid on the floor crying, days where I’ve thought my heart might actually physically break, how could I be grateful for all the happiness I feel now? I wouldn’t know to treasure this happiness.

I could look at all of these as bad things and wonder why they happened to me but I don’t. I recognise that all the things I once viewed as ‘bad’ in my life never were. They were lessons. They were preparing me for better. They are my blessings, I don’t wish any of them away, because if it wasn’t for all of these experiences I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I love who I am and the life I’ve created.

Everything in my life has happened FOR me, not to me. It has all been for my benefit, so I could grow, learn and become more than I was.

It’s the same for you. When you re-frame everything that’s happened, everything you’ve thought of as a negative event, if you choose to look at them with new eyes and view them as something positive, something that empowered you, you’re not just changing your past, you’re changing your future. The Universe is always guiding your soul to be the best it can be. You aren’t a victim of circumstance, none of us are.

If you are going through something hard right now, know in your heart that it is just a lesson, something you need to learn and that it is all going to be okay. You are uniquely you because of what you have been through, not despite of, and that right there is your brand new powerful perspective that can change your life if you let it. 

Recognising The Good

Inspiring Me This Week – 2

This lovely week is coming to end. I’m always amazed by how quickly life can change and it’s happened in our house this week with the arrival of our gorgeous little new puppy, Bear. If you’d have asked me about getting a new puppy this time last week I’d have said you were mad. We lost our little 8 year old dog Oscar a few months ago and I didn’t want another dog, I was too heartbroken. I found lots of excuses why we shouldn’t get another, but when my husband sent me a picture of Bear, an 8 week old Yorkshire Terrier, I just couldn’t resist. He is adorable and cheeky and I’m so happy he is ours! I’d said to my Mum a few weeks ago when talking about Oscar that no one loves you like a dog and it’s so true, so it’s nice to have that in our lives again!

I mean…… How was I supposed to resist that face?
Loving this podcast from Hay House Radio. I love Kyle Gray and here he is talking to Lisa Lister (who’s new book Witch I can’t wait to read). They are talking about angels and witches and how they are connected. I can’t get enough of either subject so this was a half hour that I didn’t want to end! If you don’t subscribe sign up to the newsletter, there are so many inspiring things to discover.

If you ever feel that you’ll never accomplish all you know your capable of due to your age you need to watch this from Marie Forleo……. it will leave you feeling empowered!

Mind Body Green has had me thinking about what balms and oils I’ll be creating to take on my next flight with this article,  These High-Vibe Essentials Can Make Any Flight Downright Magical   & I’ll definitely be heading into the kitchen to make these, These Baked Sweet Potato Fries Have A Genius Gut-Healing Secret Ingredient   I LOVE sweet potato…. if I could just eat that with some chilli mayo every day for the rest of my life I’d be a happy girl!

I’ve already told you how I head over to Rebelle Society every morning to start my day off so imagine my excitement when they published my post, Happiness Means Being Seen    Spent the whole week feeling very proud of myself!

Hope everyone has an inspiring and blessed week!


Inspiring Me This Week – 2

Don’t Stay In The Dark

Don’t you love those days when everything just seems so perfect. All day long everything just seems to flow along perfectly. You are feeling happy, your hair did what it’s supposed to, your makeup is on point and even the children are behaving like angels.

These days do sometimes happen but they aren’t happening all too often to be honest. Usually for me it’s the hair and the children that are misbehaving but I can take that and still say honestly that I’ve had a fantastic day.

But then there are the other days. The ones where you wake up and wish you could just go straight back to sleep. You haven’t even gotten out of bed and nothing has had chance to go wrong but you can feel already that’s it’s one of ‘those’ days.

On days like this it’s so easy to let yourself spend the rest of the day looking at everything from this skewed viewpoint. You’ll put your clothes on and they won’t look right, the phone rings non stop at work and you feel you can’t even catch your breath never mind a coffee break. You get stuck in traffic on your way home and then realise you have nothing in the fridge for dinner.

I’ve been there, I’ve spent days feeling there’s a knot in my stomach and I’m just waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

When I was living my life on autopilot I had plenty of these days but I’ve found that the more consistent I am on focusing on all the positivity in my life the fewer days like this I have.

I have to be hyper vigilant on the days when I wake up feeling ‘meh’. I have to watch my thoughts and concentrate on not letting them run away on a trail of ‘why me’s’ and ‘oh no’s’. I have to slow down, mentally and physically . I’ll meditate more and take things off my To Do list that can wait till another day. I try to remember to come back to my breath and breathe deeply to ground myself and I’ll have an uplifting crystal either in my hand or in my bra!

It’s all about self-care.

If your best friend was feeling shit about themselves what would you do? What would you say? You wouldn’t agree that she looks fat and needs to loose a few pounds would you? You wouldn’t nod when she says she’s ugly and will never find a man to love her. Yet these are the things we tell ourselves all the time.

We need to start being our own best friend. We should first and foremost be our own biggest cheerleader.

Try thinking nice thoughts about yourself. Tell yourself regularly how wonderful you are. Look in the mirror and ignore the hair that won’t do what you want and instead look how beautiful your eyes are. Forget the outfit that doesn’t make you feel your best and put on something that makes you feel like a Goddess. Throw on an amazing necklace and  put your feet into a fabulous pair of shoes.

If your not feeling the love, just stop and look around you. The sun rose this morning so you can live your life. So we can all live. It didn’t decide you ate too much cake yesterday so it wouldn’t bother to come up. This whole Universe loves us unconditionally, it’s us who keep the love from ourselves.

Next time your having ‘one of those days’ go easy on yourself. Take notice of all the things that are working out for you, not the things that aren’t. If you want to hide away and eat chocolate all day do it, but don’t do it and then feel guilty about it. Just know it was what you needed to do today. If you know going for a run makes you feel better, go and run. Do whatever you need to do to help you feel ok again. Whatever it takes for you to get into bed at night and think ‘today was still a good day’ go and do it.

We all have these days, they are normal. It’s how we deal with them that’s important. Find a way to reframe them in your mind, don’t let a bad morning turn into a bad day. Every second is a chance to start over, you can turn it around at any point in your day, don’t forget that next time you wake up with that feeling in your stomach! 



Don’t Stay In The Dark

Stop The Comparisons 

Comparing ourselves to others is such a useless pursuit and yet it’s one of the hardest things to actually stop doing.

Day and night we are constantly fed a stream of perfectionism that we feel we should be living up to, or at the very least aspiring to.

I love social media for the good it can bring, connecting people, bringing positive inspiration and all the help it can give to people who not that many years ago would have otherwise been isolated with their problems.

But we all know that there is a definite darker side to it as well. It’s a side of it that leaves us feeling a little ‘less than’, like we just aren’t doing quite as well as we should be. Over time this shit can seep into your bones and you start to believe that it’s actually true.

Our parents only had the Joneses to keep up with. We have the whole neighbourhood!

If we want to be happy we have to always be looking at the positives in our life, counting our blessings and giving thanks for all we have. We can’t do this if our brains are continually on a loop of comparisons.

I came off Instagram a couple of years ago as it slowly dawned on me that while all the beautifully styled images of gorgeous homes gave me inspiration for my own it also made me feel that my beautiful home wasn’t quite cutting it. I’d think ‘I’m 36, surely by now I should be living in the huge Victorian villa of my dreams?’ then I’d be clicking on Rightmove, torturing myself with homes way out of our price range. And it wasn’t just home envy I had.

I’m embarrassed to say, but also willing to bet I’m not the only one who would find myself looking at pictures of beautiful women I followed trying to work out what dress size they were. ‘She’s a size 8’ I’d tell myself, ‘that’s why she’s so successful and people love her’. I’d see a women who was a size 12 and wonder if she was happy with her weight or desperately trying to slim down like I was. Now I can see how ridiculous that is.

The more I read about self worth and loving myself the more it dawned on me that my love of Instagram wasn’t doing me any favours in real life.

So I stopped posting, I deleted the app off my phone and instead of always scrolling through feeds of other peoples lives I started to take notice of my own. I took less pictures and started to see my life through my own eyes. And guess what I found? My life is beautiful, without a filter. I don’t need likes and double taps to tell me I’m doing well, I get to look around and see it myself.

Now I’m not suggesting you need to immediately delete every social media app off your phone, in fact you’ve probably found this post through it. I still have a Facebook account, although I rarely use it, and I do love Twitter, but I follow people who share messages of positivity, laughter and love. The things I like my life to be filled with, and Twitter definitely doesn’t trigger me in the same way photos do.

Through television programmes, magazines and the internet we are bombarded with ideas of what we should look like, what we need to buy, all in order for us to feel good enough, or have others think we are. I was just heaping more unrealistic expectation on myself every time I opened my Instagram. I realised I didn’t need to do that to myself. I had a choice to turn off and decide myself what my life should look like. When I did turn off it felt like instant relief. I no longer had a daily stream of images to compare my life against and it felt so freeing. We think of these things as fun, and they can be, but we also have to keep a close eye on how they make us feel, and if we find that we aren’t feeling all that great because of them the choice is ours to turn them off.  I know I have never regretted it.





Stop The Comparisons 

Inspiring Me This Week – 1

It’s been a busy week but has finished with a lovely relaxed weekend full of sunshine. Ending this week feeling blessed and happy.

I don’t watch any form of regular TV. I might binge watch a series but I spend the majority of my spare time browsing blogs, websites and books that inspire me to live a life that’s authentic to me, as well as doing my own writing!

Here’s a list of some of things I’ve loved this week.

I have never heard of Bo Eason before, but he is officially my new favourite person! This talk from Mindvalley A-Fest is nearly an hour long but I promise once you start watching you won’t be able to turn off, he’s brilliant!

I listen to lot’s of podcasts on the drive to and from work, and Modern Love is definitely one of my favourites. Essays on ‘love, loss and redemption’ written by people about their true life experiences and published in a regular column in The New York Times, retold and recorded by various famous people.

This had me in tears, I just found so much truth in the first essay about marriage.

A little late to the party but if like me you didn’t catch Stranger Things when it first came on, you need to watch it….. immediately! I binge watched in 3 nights and now I can’t wait for Halloween and Season 2! Only available on Netflix

And finally, my morning inspiration, every single day…… I can’t do mornings without a coffee and a read through new posts on Rebelle Society

Here are my favourites from this week, hope you enjoy.

You Are a Risk Worth Taking.

Why We’re Stuck in Little Girl Energy.

Skin in the Game: Evolving the Notion of Enlightened Sage.




Inspiring Me This Week – 1